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Speaking about BIM in Budapest

Graphisoft Key User Meeting

Dave Emery from Virtechs was one of 15 UK-based Graphisoft customers invited to Hungary to talk about their experiences with Archicad.

Accompanied by half-a-dozen Graphisoft UK staff, our 'flying squad' met with senior project and design managers at the company's headquarters in Budapest to discuss several areas of the software's functionality and usability.

Every customer gave three short presentations in the course of a long working day and the ensuing discussions were wide-ranging and lively!

As well as having the opportunity to speak directly to the amazing people who have created this incredible tool, we were told about some of the future developments which will, in the course of the next few years, further extend Archicad's capabilities - and which must for now remain a secret to the outside world!

The experience of being in the presence of world-class software developers was greatly enhanced by seeing the quality of architectural work produced by the customers in the room, such as Bildify, BMJ, Bond Bryan, Geraghty Taylor, GWP, HLM, LSI, Morgan Carn, Penoyre & Prasad and UHA.

After a splendid meal at a first-class restaurant on Sunday evening, Monday saw all the delegates throw themselves into a full day's work, broken only by a lunch break and walking tour of Graphisoft Park where there were many interesting sculptures, including a statue of Steve Jobs.

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